4th Investment Data & Technology Summit

Agenda - Wednesday August 21, 2019

The Westin Sydney


The future of investment management: data & technology in the front office

With the trend towards increasing use of investment data and technology showing little signs of abating, this panel will discuss the potential implications for investment strategies, portfolio construction and the structure of the investment landscape. 

  • What are implications for fundamental investment strategies.  How will they fare against increasingly data driven competition?

  • What is the outlook for quantitative funds and is there a risk of systematic saturation?

  • ‘Quantamental’ investing: the best of both worlds?

Dr Laura Ryan

Head of Portfolio Construction, Academic & Quantitative Finance Professional


John Conomos

Head of Australian Quantitative Research

Macquarie Group

Andy Gardner

Investment Manager, Global Equities

AMP Capital

Alan Sheen

Co-Founder & Director,

Dalton Street Capital


Lessons from the hedge fund world

The exponential growth in data poses both opportunities and challenges for investment managers across the spectrum. While the sky can be the limit, inappropriate correlations can result in significant losses.  This panel of hedge fund and data experts will discuss how to ensure that both the data and the systems used to analyse data are fit for purpose and calibrated appropriately.


Wietske Blees


Fund Business


Stefano Cavaglia

Senior Consultant,

Invesco (US)

Bev Durston

Managing Director

Edgehaven Pty Ltd

Alicia Vidler

Founder and ex-CIO,

Castilium Capital


Networking & refreshments


Hidden in plain view: making the most of traditional data sets

While much attention is focused on new data sources, there is still significant value to be found in traditional data sets, particularly when new technologies are applied. This case study will demonstrate how funds can apply natural language processing, including the Bag of Words and enhanced Word2Vec approaches, to measure key themes and trends across corporate transcripts.


Berowne Hlavaty

Executive Director, Quantitative Equity Strategy,

JP Morgan 


Portfolio construction, factor integration and data

Factor investing is a growing theme in the Australian market place. This presentation will discuss new academic research, practical implementation considerations and how to combine factors with risk / tracking error constraints.


Dr Wang Chun Wei

Quantitative Analyst, RealIndex

Colonial First State Global Asset Management


Using data to enhance a fundamental investor’s edge

With computers dominating Chess since 1997 and Go since 2017, the human mind’s reputation is under threat.  Many years into a bull market, passive strategies have unsurprisingly gained momentum as adequate solutions.  Fundamental investing is however, infinitely more complex than a board game, and stocks and bonds’ values are still underpinned by the actions of humans. This presentation will demonstrate how fundamental managers can define and maintain a persistent edge, with data playing an important -but not a central - role.


Douglas Isles

Investment Specialist,

Platinum Asset Management


Lunch - networking & refreshments


Business management approaches (part 1): convergence and the front-to-back model 

Tech firms are buying other tech firms. Custodians are buying tech firms. There is increasing discussion around ‘front-to-back’ solutions. This session will discuss service provider convergence, the evolution of the ‘one-stop-shop‘ approach, governance and operating model considerations.


Eric Lapham

Global Head of Sales, Global Exchange and Charles River Development, State Street


Peter Sherriff

Principal Solutions Architect, Vice President
Charles River Development


Business management approaches (part 2): best of breed, open data and APIs 

The best of breed approach has been popular thus far.  Contrasting the trend towards convergence, the emergence of smaller specialised fintech players may allow firms to continue to buy what they feel are the best solutions for their requirements and a level of agility.  This session will discuss the future of the best of breed approach and ensuring interoperability of systems, including open data and APIs to facilitate a ‘plug and play’ of solutions.


Stephen Bappert

Vice President,



Data transformation: governance, culture and ownership

For all the focus on innovative data sets, data governance itself remains a major challenge for many firms. With many asset managers and asset owners currently in the midst of data transformation processes, this panel will discuss common challenges and solutions. It will consider different sources of truth and data classification, concurrency challenges and how to drive the cultural change program required to support strong data governance.


Doug Talbot

Independent Consultant (outgoing Director, Strategy & Investment Services, AMP Capital)


Justin Howell

Head of Investment Services and Program Office,

Pendal Group

Keli Saville

Regional Head of Data Management,

Vanguard Investments

Tomas Turek

Global Lead Data Scientist, Product Management & Client Experience, RBC Investor & Treasury Services



Networking & refreshments


Service provider evolution: picking future winners

There is no shortage of new data vendors and investment technology solutions, at a time when many investment managers are overhauling data management projects. This panel will discuss new technology innovations, the opportunities for disruption and the solutions that are likely to face strategic headwinds.  It will also consider operating model considerations, including timing technology acquisition in an evolving landscape and how to adopt these technologies without fundamentally changing operating models.


Laurence Jarvis


Fund Business


Danielle Henderson

Head of Market Advocacy & Innovation Research - APAC,

Northern Trust

Dr Alistair Rew

Global Head of Invest-Tech,

AMP Capital Investors

Bjorn Schmidt


Panacea Consulting Services


Man versus machine: machine learning in practice

This presentation will provide a practical guide to machine learning in an investment management context. It will consider the role of data scientists, different types of machine learning to consider and implementation considerations.

Guest Keynote:

Michael Brand


Otzma Analytics


Close & Networking Reception

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