Leading Minds

Convening the investment management industry's leading minds to examine topical business issues

Leading Minds is a live regular industry discussion session, designed to convene the investment management industry and its 'leading minds' to examine topical challenges and opportunities.

Each session examines a different topic, which is hosted in interview or panel discussion format. Attendees have the opportunity to listen to guest speakers from around the world, ask questions, participate in and view the results of industry polls; as well as download supporting slide decks where used.

Therefore joining is a good opportunity to:

  • Engage and stay connected with the industry

  • Source input, views and ideas to help address your own business challenges

  • Keep up with best practice

  • Read the pulse of the industry through the discussion, questions and poll results

  • Invest in professional development

Each session is 45-minutes in length to minimise time investment. Access via telephone and / or computer (web browser or desktop application - there is no requirement to download software) or you can join by mobile device.


Operational Resilience Under Pressure

June 10, 11am AEST

At times of increased market volatility and trade volumes, the need for streamlined and accurate data feeding into front office decision-making is greater than ever.


This session will examine pain points and ways to streamline operations and minimise operational risk.

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Guest Speakers

Linda Coffman

Executive Vice President, Reference Data Utility

SmartStream Technologies

Ross Gulliford

Head of Investment Operations

Challenger Limited

Rob Scott

Global Chief Operating Officer,

First Sentier Investors

Wietske Blees (Facilitator)


Fund Business

Data and investment decision-making in aftermath of Corona

June 24, 11am AEST

Economic forecasts predict headwinds in varying degrees of severity in the aftermath of the Corona pandemic. What is not yet clear is the real impact on the economy and different company results. This in turn is impacting the reliability of traditional information sources that would typically guide investment decisions and strategy calls.

This session will discuss some of the key challenges complicating investment decision-making in current market conditions, and how investment managers are using data for investment decision-making. It will also consider alternative data sources that could prove useful in seeking alpha through heightened economic uncertainty.

Guest Speakers

Nick James

Data Scientist


Wietske Blees (Facilitator)


Fund Business

Mark Monfort

Head of Data Analytics & Technology

Prosperity Advisers