6th Investment Data & Technology Summit

12-14 October 2021



DAY ONE: Tuesday October 12 – timings AEDT

09.30-10.15 // Investment data and technology: the consumer view

Chief investment officers and their teams have to make sense of an increasingly complex environment of unprecedented policy, disruptive structural changes and an increasing noise/signal ratio driven by a ‘big’ data revolution. This panel will discuss investment decision-making, the reliability of investment data sources and the resulting need to recast systems and technology in today’s operating environment.

Dr Brendan Casey (Chair)

Former General Manager – Investments,

Rest Super

Bhanu Singh

Head of Asia-Pacific Portfolio Management,

Dimensional Fund Advisors

Eben van Wyk

Portfolio Manager & Head of Quantitative Research,

Aware Super

Kirsten Wymer

Head of Risk Strategies and Research,

BT Investment Solutions

11.00-11.45 // Transformation in practice

This panel will discuss different data strategies and data transformation projects that are being undertaken by asset owners and asset managers:

  • Goal-setting: What data strategies and frameworks are considered and implemented across organisations of different size and maturity levels?
  • Project implementation considerations
  • What are the total costs involved in bringing about these changes?
  • Flexibility and alignment: how to ensure your data strategy remains relevant and in line with broader organisational strategies.

Stuart Develyn (Chair)

Head of Transformation – Public Markets,

AMP Capital

Nicolas Le Clech

Head of Product and Transformation,

BNP Paribas

Doug Talbot

Managing Director & Principal Consultant,

1886 Consulting

Diane Slykerman

Global Data Governance and Architecture Lead,


12.30-13.15 // Climate data under the microscope

With regulators and investors alike increasingly focusing on climate risk, this session will discuss climate data and its application to portfolio construction. It will consider the evolution of company level carbon and climate data; the analytical opportunities that exist to identify investment opportunities that support the growing focus on climate change and the challenges of integrating this data into investment workflows.

Leilani Weier (Chair)

Head of Responsible Investment & Sustainability,

Rest Super

Desiree Lucchese

Head of Ethics and Impact,

U Ethical Investors

Stephen Monnier

Sustainability Specialist,


Dr. Ian Woods

Specialist – Sustainable Investment,

Chronos Sustainability

DAY TWO: Wednesday October 13

09.30-10.15 // Investment data and technology: going global

Asset owners and asset managers are increasingly globalising. This panel will discuss key considerations, challenges and solutions when expanding investments and operations across multiple jurisdictions.

Karti Mahendran (Chair)

Principal, Investment Technology & Data – APAC


Ross Brockbank

Managing Director, Head of Alpha – APAC,

State Street

Chris Fichardt

Global Head of Operations,

First Sentier Investors

11.00-11.45 // Data governance: best practice in practice

This panel will present a number of data governance frameworks that have been implemented by Australian asset owners and asset managers. It will discuss the various governance frameworks, implementation considerations, quality criteria and the checks and balances that are in place to maintain standards across the business, including validation processes in place to ensure data that is stored, loaded and hosted by third party data providers is correct. It will also explore ways in which data governance can be utilized to inform broader data strategy and business plans and ensure the overarching architecture and strategy remains relevant.

Stuart Brown (Chair)

Group Data Officer, Head of Data & Analytics,

Macquarie Capital

Daniel Doyle

Head of Investment Data Management,

Future Fund

Paul Field

Senior Solutions Engineer,


Ann-Mary Rajanayagam

Head of Technology & Operations,

JANA Investment Advisers

12.30-13.15 // Managing for a total portfolio view

This panel will discuss the data and technology journeys of a number of funds and asset managers that have made the transition to a more complete portfolio view, bringing together both public and private data to provide a more holistic perspective of exposures. How are data management frameworks set up to provide good quality, single source data? How are reporting infrastructures integrated into the investment process and how are they managing and valuing private data sets in a timely manner?

Andrew Prolov (Chair)

Independent Financial Technology Advisor

Simon Martin

Director, Software Solutions,

IHS Markit

Binh Le

Senior Analyst – Total Portfolio Management,


Peta Stevenson

Manager, Investment Data and Analytics,


DAY THREE: Thursday October 14

09.30-10.15 // Data sourcing: acquisition, cleansing and aggregation

This panel will discuss how different investment managers source market data and make it available across their business. What are different ways in which firms are managing data acquisition, reducing friction in workflows and maximising user insights and experience? What quality control measures are in place to efficiently validate data sources from third party data providers and minimise the risk of errors in data forms? What are the warehousing, cloud arrangements and technologies that investment managers are putting in place to facilitate data sharing and integration and what are the practical implementation considerations?

Sunny Feng (Chair)

Regional Lead – APAC,


Stephen Bappert

Vice President, Content and Technology Solutions,


Sandra Booth

Director – Data Capability,

IFM Investors

Brian Lyons

Director of Enterprise Data and Business Architecture,

Eastspring Investments (Singapore)

11.00-11.45 // Data consumption in focus: creating user-friendly delivery models

This panel will discuss different ways in which investment firms’ end users are able access and consume data sets. How are organisations tailoring access and modelling capabilities to individual use cases and what different delivery formats are provided to facilitate ease of access across different devices and locations?

Wietske Blees Chair


Fund Business

Thilankka Marasinghe

Senior Manager Investment Data,


James Milne

Head of Product,

AlphaCert Labs

Tim Smith

Head of Data & Analytics,


Richard CJ Tsai

Portfolio Manager, Quantitative Strategies,


12.30-13.15 // Navigating a changing vendor landscape

This session will discuss the evolution of vendor technology and their strategic roadmaps:

  • Data storage models
  • Hybrid ‘plug-and-play’ platforms, the best-of breed approach and end-to-end solutions
  • Interoperability in practice
  • Vendor partnerships: for those firms that are keen to maintain functionalities in house, what are the internal system implementations that can help to facilitate the optimum interaction between internal and outsourced systems?

James Baker Chair

Director – Asia,

Shoreline Consulting (Singapore)

Andy Barrow

Head of Asia Pacific,

RIMES Technologies

Brett Schechterman

Global Head of thinkFolio,

IHS Markit (New York)

Peter Sherriff

Director, Product Strategy – APAC,

Charles River Development